Monthly Archives: September 2010

God the Party Thrower

Read Luke 14:15-24 and Luke 15:1-32. This sermon took place in the context of a service lead by the children of Kaikorai Church, Sunday 26th September.


Today we’ve been celebrating God the Father. In the songs and words shared by the children we’ve been reminded of what our heavenly Father is like – clearly God is no ordinary Father.

We do hear today from some that calling God ‘Father’ is unhelpful – even hurtful some argue because of the inadequate and at times abusive fathering that we human fathers provide. Without doubt all fathers fail at some point – our love is inconsistent, our anger, or almost worse, our indifference – can undermine, and our abuse – whether that be verbal, sexual, or physical can destroy the well-being of our children. Continue reading

David’s Heart

An interpretation of King David’s story, as told Sunday 12th September – Kaikorai Church. Based upon 1 & 2 Samuel.

A man after God’s own heart! (Acts 13:22) That’s what they said about me – even as a kid some noted there was something special about my relationship with God – it was as if my heart beat in time with God’s.

In my heart I praised God. Continue reading