Exploring Church Membership

Together we are called to “…share the love of Jesus with individuals and families, in our community, our city and beyond”.

At Kaikorai we “are invited to belong” and while it is true that belonging is shown in various ways there is an expectation that it will find expression in Church Membership.

Membership is an antidote to the privatisation, and individualism, of faith. Society tells us that faith is a private thing, human self-consciousness reinforces that belief to the extent that seldom do we talk openly about what we believe.  Allied to this is individualism and consumerism whereby there is a tendency to look at faith as a matter that just affects us and we judge it’s validity by what we get out of it. Too often in our culture we attend Church without any real engagement with others and we stay with a Church only so long as personal needs are met. We’re consumers.

Membership challenges these attitudes as it calls us to a public, shared, committed, others focused, serving faith.

Therefore in membership we are invited to walk in partnership with one another as we seek to serve God in this community and beyond.  While the bible does not specifically mention membership we believe that God calls us to commit one to another to enable mission and Christian maturity.  Paul exhorts the believers to “… serve one another in love’ (Gal. 5:13), in accordance to their gifts and their faith.  Many other passages support this same theme.  Christians are told to: love one another; instruct one another; carry each other’s burdens; teach one another; admonish one another; encourage each other; spur one another on toward love and good deeds; pray for each other; offer hospitality to one another; and each should use whatever gift they have received to serve others.

Membership of the local church reminds us that we are called by Jesus to be members of his Church universal, and at the same time, called to be the people of God in this place.  We are given the fellowship of believers as a gift of God to nurture one another’s faith, to support one another in Christian love, and to seek to carry out God’s mission in this community and beyond so that all may know the love of our Lord.

To find out more about membership please speak to one of the elders.

About Ian Guy

As a Minister in the Church I was called to Kaikorai to provide leadership so that the congregation can be the church of Christ in this community. In this my responsibilities include the leadership of the Church Council, preaching, teaching, prayer, visioning and pastoral care, so that the church is strengthened and the love of God is shared. I moved to Dunedin in 1998 with my family, to enable the completion of my studies prior to entering the Ministry. During those two years of study we worshipped with the folk of Kaikorai and liked it so much that when asked to stay we said YES. Anyone who visits Kaikorai Church will discover what we did: welcome, acceptance, support, and encouragement. Kaikorai for the original inhabitants of the area was a place for the gathering of food (kai) in particular sea-birds – korai is a corruption of the Maori ‘karae’ (sea-bird). So Kaikorai has long been a place for the weary to rest, the hungry to be fed, the sick to be made well and the well to serve. Kaikorai Church remains such a place.

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