Home Groups

What are Home Groups?

As the name suggests a ‘home group’ consists of a few people getting together outside the Sunday morning service with the desire to share their mutual love of Jesus with each other and with those outside the church. This gives an opportunity to spend time getting to know each other on a deeper level than is possible on a Sunday morning, and provides us with support and encouragement to grow and develop as Christians in our everyday lives.
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In addition home groups often provide a safe place to explore questions of life and faith and to find the support we all need. Typically members of the home group will be drawn from the Church but not exclusively. Often home groups provide a place for others (including those who would not describe themselves as Christian) to find friendship and space to explore the issues that confront them.

A good home group will involve honesty, fun, listening, learning, encouragement, and friendship.

When and where do the groups take place?

To find out when and where please phone the office

Why does Kaikorai have Home Groups?The groups usually last for 1 to 2 hours.

Our belief is that the Home Groups provide a means for us to explore Christian faith and to develop as Christians in a supportive and caring environment. It is also our desire that we will enable others to meet with Jesus and have the opportunity to grow in their knowledge of Him.


If you want to find out more about a small group please contact the office. Ph 4762967 or email admin @kaikoraichurch.co.nz

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