Kids Friendly

Kids Friendly is the PCANZ’S churches children’s ministry office that aims to equip churches to intentionally minister to children and families in their communities.

Being “Kids Friendly” is an ethos and value that is expressed and embraced by the whole congregation.

Our Kids Friendly Coaches offer training, coaching, advice, resources and encouragement to churches wanting to minister to children and families.

Jill Kayser is our national Kids Friendly Coach. Jill has extensive experience in children and families’ ministry. She has held the positions of Child and Family Worker (eight years) and Executive Officer (three years) at St Heliers Presbyterian Church & Community Centre. She has a degree in Psychology and English and a certificate in Professional Coaching and Mentoring. She is an elder of St Heliers Presbyterian Church and is passionate about reaching out to, celebrating and including children into a community of faith. She has three children. Contact Jill Kayser: 09-5854008/027-2103784  Email:


Cheryl Harray is the Kids Friendly Advisor for the Synod of Otago and Southland. She is a primary teacher and wife of a Presbyterian minister. She loves to see children and families participate in and enjoy Sunday worship and is committed to helping churches find ways of connecting families with God.  Contact Cheryl Harray 03-4763932/027-4896153  Email:

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