Local Mission

We Support Hospital Chaplaincy.

Chaplains are employed in local hospitals to support those who are ill, their families, and staff.Lily of the Valley

Chaplains conduct regular services of worship, on Sundays and Wednesdays. They also conduct other ward-based discussions, music, worship in psychiatric & geriatric services.

Chaplains often reconnect people with resources for recovery within a patients faith framework. Chaplains deal directly with issues that are spiritual in their origin and often physical in their outworking: guilt, isolation, stress, loss & fractured relationships.

Chaplains are often the link in drawing people to faith in Jesus Christ… In part this is because being in hospital is a frightening experience and seriously ill people often begin wondering what lies beyond this world.

Chaplains work under a contract with the Ministry of Health & the Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy (ICHC) to provide Christian Chaplaincy services but also try to see that people have access to other religious support when it is requested.

You can help by…

  • Offering to train to be a Chaplaincy Assistant
  • Offering your services as a host/ess for the Chapel
  • Offer to take patients to the Chapel (People Moving)
  • Regular financial giving (talk to the church administrator about this, ph 4762967)

For more information contact the church office or speak with the Chaplaincy Administrator, ph (03) 4740999 and ask for Chaplaincy

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