Kaikorai Youth meets every Friday during term time.

Generally we meet as two age-based groups, but our time does overlap for 30 minutes each night and we also come together for special events from time to time.

TRIBE  (year 7 – 9) 6:30 to 8pm

PRODUCTIV  (year 10 -12) 7:30 to 9pm.

The exception is special days and outings. Special Days will have us doing something together so on these days only everyone comes at 7pm and should be heading home about 8:30pm.

Outings are simply that, as we leave our place to attend an event elsewhere.

Looking ahead:

Any questions about Kaikorai Youth please contact the church office or Brendon Lee, 027 715 9908

You can also join Kaikorai Youth on Facebook simply click on the link and ask to join.


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